Godfather Quotes

"Pimpin ain't easy!"

"Once again it's time for everybody to come aboard the hoooooooo trainnnnnn!"

"I want you reach down, light it up for The Godfather and say PIMPIN AIN'T EASY!!"

"Don't make me go back to dates cuz I know you like hos. They say you are a dead man, but I don't believe everything is dead" --Godfather to Undertaker

"Hey Regal, hey Regal, you know I didn't think you were gonna take the hos but to quote what a good friend of mine Archie Bunker says, 'England ain't nuttin but a place full of fags.'" --Godfather to Steve Regal

"I am a pimp, even though pimpin ain't easy, that's what I am."

"Feast your eyes on these buckeyes bucko."

"The Godfather be pimpin hos nationwide!"

"The Godfather knows his way around a womans body."

"Meat huh? Well listen up Meat, I'd off you the hoes but you look too pooped to pop" --Godfather to Meat on SNH