What up everyone? Sorry for my lack of columns and other shit. I've been busy with work and with the holidays here everything is impossible.In addition to that I'm hella sick. No actual column this time around until the new year due to lack of material. Yep it's back again, writers block. I will how ever take a few minutes to briefly bitch about the PTC.......

I just joined the WFAC newsletter etc. That is Wrestling Fans Against Censorship newsletter. In addition I am having the JUST SAY NO banner put on all my sites. The PTC aka The Parents Television Council and all their little sponsors can and you can quote me when I say this "BLOW IT OUT YOUR FUCKIN ASSES!!!!!" Who are you? Who died and left you in charge? Millions upon millions of wrestling fans can't be wrong. Most of us like it or not are old enough to know what's right and what's wrong. And you are wrong for what you are doing. In short Censorship blows period. Here is some interesting stuff I found on http://pwbts.com/censor.html website. I urge all wrestling fans young and old alike to voice your opinion to shut these assholes the fuck up once and for all......Read on:

Wrestling Fans Against Censorship

The PTC Venture Outside Of "Broadcast" Television To Attack The WWF

Posted on the Parents Television Council Website:
1. The WWF Disregards TV-14 Standards 
The WWF revealed its true self this past Sunday during its pay-per-view event, Armageddon. Despite a TV-14 rating indicating to parents there would be no nudity, female wrestler Miss Kitty flashed her breasts after winning the Four Corner Evening Gown Pool Match. The WWF issued an apology for the "unauthorized exposure" and denied that it was planned. An online story posted on WrestleNet.com, however, stated, "The WWF in the past has claimed breasts being briefly exposed have been 'inadvertent,' but former WWF employees have said they were actually planned ahead of time, with the idea being to deny it publicly to protect their business associates (sponsors, Viewer's Choice, USA Network, UPN, etc.)." While this instance of nudity occurred during a pay-per-view event, frontal nudity has already appeared on WWF Smackdown! (October 7, 1999) which airs on network television and begins in the first hour of prime time.


This is the #1 Alert on The PTC site this week. Did you people didn't think they just went away? The PTC has said numerous times that they only monitor "broadcast" television. (ABC/NBC/CBS/Fox/UPN) So what is up with them now monitoring PPV's? Also if you notice they speak of the USA network which is also not "broadcast" television, it is cable. Why are they doing this?

The answer is simple, their agenda is against the WWF and pro wrestling. In the next column there is a huge list of businesses that sponsor the PTC. Some even sell WWF merchandise. (how ironic is that huh?) It is time that we as a united group write each and every company that supports the PTC and collectively tell them that we will boycott their products until they change their support of this self serving self appointed watchdog group.

Here is a small but growing list of over 200 websites that have participated. Click here: Friends of WFAC

I noticed a few friends of mine websites that are up there on the list. Even Francine of ECW joined. I think thats great and very kool of her.

You can read all the other interesting stuff on the PTC and the WFAC by clicking here: Wrestling Fans Against Censorship

Please by all means if you have a website(s) put the JUST SAY NO to the PTC banner on your site, and stand up for what you believe in.If you go to any wrestling shows whether it be ECW, WWF, or WCW please take a sign supporting WFAC and a "JUST SAY NO TO PTC" sign.

Anyway before I blow another fuse and get hot again this is my last column for this millenium. Everyone be safe, don't drink and drive, don't stuff anyone in a trunk. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. In short HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

A few shoutouts before I go to everyone that has made this site a success. It only has like four thousand some hits, but it's more than I ever expected in that short of time. Thank you to everyone that has put my link/banner on their site thus promoting my site even more. In the new year Amy and I have a few more projects we are starting, including an all ECW site dedicated to our favorite ECW personalities. I can't wait to work on that one. After that we are doing a Hardcore Holly site and a few others but you'll have to wait to see those.

A shout out to Joel, Charles, Matt, Amy, Karen, Jenn, Holly, Tracey, Boston Crab and all the other kool Webmistresses and Webmasters I've met over the year, everyone at work, all my co workers for my websites, and everyone else that has made my 1999 memorable. A shout out to all the hardworkers of ECW you have made my November a month to Remember. A special shout out to Jeff Jones Be kool & Stay Extreme....NOT!!!!!!

Until next millenium this has been The Peoples Pimpstress

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