Praise The Pimp

Hey, what's up everyone? Hope you all had a great X-Mas! Seeing as this is going to be my last column before the new year, I've decided I'm going to give you my predictions -- scratch that -- what I would like to happen in the WWF in 2000.

The Acolytes: As I've mentioned before, if you know me, you know I love these guys. I'd like to see them fued with the Dudley Boyz, they could have some great matches, if given the chance to build up in some sort of angle together. My ultimate goal for The Acolytes would be for them to get the tag straps again and hold onto them for awhile.

Al Snow: He's a tough one to come up with something for. I guess it'd be cool if they restarted the Hradcore division -- I mean really start it, not just have 2-3 guys in it. I'd love to see another match between him and Road Dogg. The Dudleyz could even go singles to be in this division.

Big Show: I really have no interest in the Big Show, except hoping they get the title off him soon, which should happen. Although, I'd love to see him back in the Bossman angle. Call me sick, but that was some funny stuff, and the only angle I've ever enjoyed with the Big Show.

Billy Gunn: Assuming he stays with Road Dogg-- since Billy couldn't get over as a singles wrestler, I'm guessing he will -- they're obviously going to have them fued with someone. Who, is the question though. I'm leaving this up in the air, because they've fueded with just about everyone, so I'll leave it to Vince to come up with something creative.

Big Boss Man: See The Big Show.

Bulldog: I can honestly say I don't want to see him at all.

Jericho: I could see him in a fued with maybe Shamrock and Billy Gunn for the IC Title. I'd like to see this whole Chyna angle end, but I have a feeling it's going to drag out for awhile longer.

Christian/Edge: They are just great together, I never tire of seeing them against the Hardy Boys. I'd like to see them go for the tag titles. To the best of my knowledge, neither of them has held a title, unless you count the one night Edge won the IC Title at the houshe show in Canada.

Chyna: Beat down Stephie McMahon for her spot in DX. DX just isn't the same without Chyna. While I respect Chyna for all her accomplishments, I'll never be able to disassociate her from DX.

The Hollys: I really like their superheavyweight angle, all I can say is keep it up. Hardcore Holly is a great wrestler, so maybe another run at a singles career would do him good, let him go for a title.

D'Lo: Another underrated guy. He's got potential, he's just never been put in a good angle. All I can think of for him is to have him fued for the Euro belt with Val.

Dudley Boyz: Proof that there is life after ECW. One of my favorite tag teams. See The Acolytes.

Gangrel: This is one I'll leave to the creative team -- I have absolutely no idea who to put him in an angle with.

Godfather: One guy who is in desparate need of a really good angle. He's losing TV time, I guess because they don't know what to do with him. I do think it's about time they push him up from midcard, he's too over, in my opinion, to be midcard. Maybe have him go for the IC Title again. And don't even tell me it would devalue it -- I don't want to hear it. Unless I'm the only one -- and Donna of course -- who think he deserves a belt.

Hardy Boys: As long as they're on TV, I would be happy. They're just a fantastic team to watch. I hope Matt Hardy gets better soon, so we can see him back in the ring doing what he does best.

Headbangers: Can't stand them! See Bulldog.

Ivory: See Headbangers and Bulldog.

Kane: Get him in a fued for the title! Since I started watching the WWF again, I have seen Kane improve greatly. Give him a title run, and let it last awhile. He's one who deserves it.

Shamrock: See Jericho.

Kurt Angle: See Bulldog, Headbangers and Ivory.

Mankind: I'd like to see him get some time off, he needs it badly. I hear he may get another short title run, and while I'd like to see him hold it again, I'm kind of tired of seeing him. Overkill basically.

Posse: Make them into legit wrestlers. Joey is already a legit wrestler, and from what I've seen, he's not bad at all. Make them a tag team, with that extra man to jump in and out. It could work, but they need to be taken seriously. Until then, we'll keep on seeing them get beatdown by the likes of Kaienti.

Mideon: See Bulldog, Headbangers, Ivory and Kurt Angle.

Prince Albert: I liked him tagging with Droz, but now I just don't see what there is for him to do. He's just not over at all, and he has no real angle to work with.

Rikishi: I like him the way he is, with Too Cool personally, they've actually gotten over with this angle. Keep it going, for now.

The Rock: The most over wrestler in the WWF right now, with no end in sight. He's definitely going to get the title in 2000, more than once no doubt. No matter what angle The Rock is in, the fans will love him. I see a fued with Triple H though. The biggest face against the biggest heel -- who'd a thunk it? Let's just hope The Rock gets his hands on Stephie McMahon and hits her with the rock bottom. Now I'd pay all the money I have to see that.

Mark Henry: Add to my growing list of people I want off TV.

Shane/Vince: Obviously they're heading for a showdown with Triple H, but I see a swerve coming. I can't put my finger on it, but something's up.

Austin: Presuming he comes back, I'd like to see him turn heel. Austin as a face is just so boring, and it won't be anymore entertaining when he returns.

Blackman: Also on my list with Mark Henry.

Test: I'm not exactly sure what to do with him at the moment. He's got some talent for a big guy though.

Too Cool: See Rikishi. I don't think they're quite ready for tag titles yet, but maybe down the road.

Triple H: See The Rock. Please break him and Stephie up. I think it's coming, I told you I see a swerve coming, and I think this will be part of it.

Taker: Assuming he comes back -- well he's done so much, it'a hard to say what to do with him to jump start his career again. No doubt I'd like to see him go for the title, but if he's not in great shape, I really don't want to watch him work hurt again.

X-Pac: He and Jericho would put on some great matches, so maybe and fued with him would work. I'm not a huge fan of X-Pac, but he is a good worker.

And there you have it. I'm going to come back to this column periodically over the coming year, and we'll see if anything I wanted to happen actually happened. Have a great New Year everyone -- please BE SAFE. See you next year!